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- 19 Feb 2021

Experience and Challenges of North-East Asian Countries on Development Cooperation in the face of the COVID19 pandemic

The North-East Asia Development Cooperation Forum is annual forum in partnership with research networks of North-East Asian countries to exchange views and experiences on development cooperation among researchers and practitioners in China, Japan, Republic of Korea and Russian Federation, as well as partner countries in ESCAP region.

The Forum in 2020 was virtually organized focusing on experience and challenges of North-East Asian countries in supporting the other countries to respond to the pandemic from the perspective of development cooperation. 

Humanitarian and emergency assistance beyond the scope of development cooperation prompted to new actors, new partnership, refocusing of development cooperation strategies, etc. Thus the Forum highlighted the supporting for pandemic response of development cooperation initiatives in broader perspective, such as development cooperation landscape of post-COVID in North-East Asia, non-traditional mechanisms deployed for facilitating humanitarian assistances, and assessing impact of COVID-19 in developing countries.

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